Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uniforms and Peace

Becoming Minimalist

A very good article detailing why many, many people are now going to "uniforms," a wardrobe consisting of about 30 peaces (per season, they switch it out when the weather changes), or one that contains only a few simple items (such as black slacks and white silk blouses, or my Hubby's black jeans with black "work shirt").

I can't even begin to do as good a job of explaining (though I have posted on it recently) it as the minimalists do, so go read there.

I will be going to the local thrift store to look for black skirts (and some clothes for the kids since this is their monthly "$5 a basket" sale), so, ironically, I need to spend money to cut down :-D Actually, with this particular sale, We usually need to buy two baskets to accommodate my adult-sized sons' "new" pants anyway, so essentially the rest of our clothes are free:-) Not a bad deal at all!

I won't be going to "uniform" shirts. I like the variety there. But cutting back from the waist down will be very nice.

Been studying herbs and blood pressure. Turns out celery is good for something after all!

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