Thursday, March 23, 2017

On Puppy Beating

(Rant at random post on Pintrest that their computer for some reason thought I wanted to see. Pintrest is too difficult to have discussions on.)
You can't pass a law requiring sin and then tell me I'm free to worship God how I want as long as I obey the law. This is what we call "religious oppression." This is why the pilgrims came here in the first place, what the First Amendment is protecting us from.
The Bible tells us that helping, encouraging, or even just being happy about someone else's sin is a sin in itself. So if I help someone else sin, I am sinning and in danger of hell.  

Let's use an extreme sample:

Group A decides puppies should be beaten. For some unknown reason, they decide they should not have to pay for the clubs to do the beating. So they lobby and bully until they get a law passed saying all employers must buy their employees a club to beat puppies with. 

Now, my Bible says "The godly care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel." Proverbs 12:10. This means you are wicked (sinning) if you don't care for your animals (well, OK, really it means the natural outpouring of the heart of a righteous man is that he cares for his animal, but work with me here...).

So, if I buy Group A clubs to beat puppies with I am helping them be wicked. This puts me in danger of hell. But if I don't, I am breaking the law. 
"But Peter and the apostles replied, "We must obey God rather than any human authority."" Acts 5:29

As a Christian, then, my course is clear. No matter the physical punishment from my government, I must not buy Puppy Beating Clubs. 
Yet Group A tells me I am being ridiculous, violating their civil rights even. I am free to worship God any way I want to and buying clubs in no way violates my civil rights to Freedom of Religion. 
Yeah. Nice of them to decide that for me.
This is what Rome did to the Christians. They didn't actually care if people worshiped Jesus or not, as long as they also worshiped Caesar (which is very much against the Christian faith, of course). 
People today still don't care if you worship Jesus, as long as you worship Government too.

Then they make sure the government contradicts Jesus. 

The Roman version ended up with feeding people to lions in public arenas and burning them as candles in the Emperor's garden. 

What, do you suppose, the American version will look like? (Probably confiscation of property and legislation into a "religious" class that exists in abject poverty.)

(Of course, "puppy beating" is abortion, a much worse sin.
And the entire "Employers must pay for Abortion Insurance" issue is the "Loaded Question" fallacy. The first question that should be being asked is "Why in the world are we requiring employers to buy health insurance in the first place?" 
They don't buy car insurance. 
They don't buy house/renters insurance. 
There is no logical reason health insurance should be connected with employment in the first place. 
All of those laws should be repealed and the purchasing power placed back in the hands of the true customers- the patient. Then let them decide if they want Abortion Insurance or not.
And why do we need to both pay for Planned Barrenhood through our taxes and Abortion Insurance through the employer? Isn't this a redundancy? If we have one, why do we need the other?)

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