Monday, July 17, 2017

Thinking out loud

Or, errrr, with my fingers?


I have scaled everything back I've been doing. Sort of decluttering my schedule. I have known all along I would eventually add some stuff back, but was not sure what all.

I know I need to do more for the church as far as social media. With the help of "If This Then That" and equivalents, it won't be as hard as it could be. Still, what do I do? The church has:

  • A blog/website (4 blogs put together to look like one website, none of which currently has the actual "blog" feature available. I'm using it for other stuff.). 
  • A facebook account
  • A Google account
  • A Youtube account (this is one of those things I've slacked off on. There are a couple of members of the church have been taking care of posting videos of the sermon when they are there, but unfortunately because of health and work schedules they miss often. So, I've been recording the sermons when they are gone, but haven't been doing anything with them. I need to remedy that.)
Ideally, perfectly, I would write a weekly "newsletter" with prayer requests and praise reports, last week's sermon link, next week's music (which I am responsible for picking and leading and don't always get picked before Saturday afternoon), maybe something inspirational, a picture, and ?

Now, back to reality...

Just don't know that I want to commit to putting this kind of time into this :-( Would it really help any?  I don't mind the extra time if it helps the church, but I don't want to "cast my pearls before swine," so to speak. I don't want to waste my time.

And then I have my own ministries (a blog to mom's that gets posted on rarely, one for homeschooling, herbs, health, ...sigh....I see part of the problem...but where do I cut?)

And then we do business. I am an independent stylist for Lilla Rose hair accessories (mostly so I get the 30% discount when buying for my own family; something the company is perfectly fine with.)

God has also gifted me artistically. I can draw, mostly horses. I have a responsibility to use my talents, but what is the best way?

Add to this that I really want to do more study in herbs, but am having trouble finding the time :-P


(All while continuing to homeschool, cook from scratch, etc.)

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. More thinking...
    Successful blogs are generally about one subject. That is what i have set up for me, but with ADD and life in general, that means a blog can be neglected for a year or so, then posted on daily for a couple weeks, then neglected again, as my attention wanders.

    The most consistent advise in making successful blogs is "Be Yourself." Well, "Myself" is eclectic, scatter brained, and distractable. As a homemaking, homeschooling, writing, drawing, singing, gardening, cooking, baking, book-keeping, teaching, Assistant pastor's wife, pastor's daughter, Servant of God, how can I be anything else?

    Do I really care about my blog(s) being successful? Obviously not too much, no. I know how to do it and recognize I do have the basic talents necessary. But I'm not interested in putting that much time into it....them....whatever.

    So, buck conventional wisdom? Especially when I don't really care that much about numbers and such?



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