Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Deranged Housewife: Michelle Duggar - Pregnant again!

The Deranged Housewife: Michelle Duggar - Pregnant again!

Great post!

"I get so sick of the "Oh, the perfect family and you're done!" ****; the bullying, both overt and subtle, that goes on when someone decides to have more children than what our culture deems "necessary." And that's exactly what it is: bullying. We as a society are so set against [bullying] and want to teach each other how to love, respect, and all that crap - yet the minute we see someone with more than the prerequisite number of kids coming our way, we immediately snap to judgment. There is such negative bias against larger families, even those with far fewer than 20 kids, because we are now living in a "two-kid world." Anything more than that is often considered a burden or an inconvenience"

The point people need to remember about the Duggers and others of us with larger than "normal" families (I have 9:-) is that we don't do anything special or unnatural to have our big families. Those with smaller families are generally (though not always) the ones doing unnatural things like taking drugs and having surgeries, all to keep their bodies from functioning like they are designed to do. I bet sex lives are equal, on average. We just haven't broke the plumbing. There are some very good reasons (including some health) to allow God's design to function naturally.

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