Saturday, November 12, 2011


And for once I am not talking about childbirth but actual math multiplication, lol.

Years ago I bought Timez Attack computer game for my children. In this game you are a little knome (my children call him Dobbie). You have to fight your way out of danger by throughing the correct answers at multiplication problems. Winning this game takes the same skill as going through a deck of flash cards but is far more entertaining. The children begged to ge to play it because they hadn't yet rescured their Dobbie! Their multiplication speed increased dramaticly. And best of all, it takes no work from me like flash cards do:-)

Unfortunatly our disk got scratched so they haven't been able to play for a while.

They just downloaded a demonstration for the new version. This one includes spaceships, the choice of a girl "Dobbie", and addition, subtraction, and division!

My 4yo is asking to do math:-)

This is definitly on the list for next tax time!


  1. It's wonderful how our children are always suprising us like this! They are such a joy to learn from. Leigh

  2. It is wonderful how much we learn from our children. They are open and eager to learn, just like a blank page waiting to be written upon! How truly blessed I am to have them in my extended family!


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