Sunday, June 22, 2014

And one they don't tell you about in parenting books...

Jane (6 yo) asked for pet birds so we bought her a couple of zebra finches. She has read and studied about them, read TO them and done a great job of caring for them. Because the dog is now outside when we are away from the house (I fixed the fence) we have been locking the birds in the bathroom to protect them from the cat. Last night when we got home from mom and dad's, I slowly opened the door, half expecting the new baby bird (who was supposed to leave the nest yesterday) to have gotten out and be on the floor. 

No birds.

No birds at all.

I looked in the nest, but all was way too quiet.

Didn't make a bit of sense.

Until I looked in the bottom of the cage.

There was a very fat gopher snake.

How do you tell a six year old her beloved pets were dinner for a wild snake?

We went to bed a very sad household.

(The boys tried to kill the snake when they took it out of the house for me, but it got away. It's probably the same one that has come in the house twice before.

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