Friday, February 20, 2015

Of iPhones and Dreams

Trying to get all my business done and get the shopping/coupons/rebates caught up. Quite a job. It will be better once I get the hang of my iphone.


Yeah. My brother, a yuppie, bought himself and his wife new phones and then changed carriers. The new company couldn't use the phones he just bought, so he had to buy all new ones. Instead of selling these barely used ones, he gave them to my mom and I. Makes a great tablet! We'll go down today and see what it would cost to actually have a smart phone, but I wouldn't be surprised if the money is just too much it stays a very small tablet.

No matter. It works fine off the house's wifi, and it will work with all the rebate/electronic coupons sites, so it serves my purpose.

And I really, really like my stupid phone anyway :-)

How do you give up a life long dream? I should ask my brother, actually. He always loved baseball. Wanted to play professionally, in fact. But he had a serious foot injury in high school that still hurts him today, 30 years later, and that ended any hope of a sports career at all. Today, he is a high school special ed teacher, music leader at his (mega) church, and dad to seven kids, 12-25 (3 adopted, 4 steps kids). He's happy.

I have always wanted a farm, always been a country girl at heart. Hubby doesn't really care what I do while he's at work, and he likes living in the quiet country, but we just don't have the money to farm. Yes, it takes money, especially for those of us in the west. You see, 1.35 acres of rocks, sagebrush, and clay simply won't produce food for animals. Fact, I can't produce even something so simple as tomatoes! They just can't handle our random frosts or dehydrating winds in August (Seriously. You stand there watering the plant and gust of wind comes along, and you watch the plant wilt before your eyes, while still watering it!)

Hubby, on the other hand, is now looking at condos in the nearest city for the day when we can't drive anymore:-( Yeah, I know that's a ways off (we're both still in our 40's), and a lot can happen between now and then, but truthfully, his heart isn't and never has been in farming. I need to realign my thoughts to become a better help meet for him, to take on his dreams instead of my own. This is my job from God, to help Hubby achieve the goals God has given him. And if that means living in the city (where, honestly, we would have more chance to minister to others than we do out here in the boonies) than so be it.

But it's hard.

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