Monday, February 23, 2015

Christmas Candy with Meaning?

Nice service yesterday, though I haven't felt good the last couple of days. Joy and Jessie were down Saturday too, mildly. Jennifer yesterday. Seems we are still being sick often, but the illnesses are more mild and shorter. Hopefully we are on the way up, health wise.

Almost time for Easter. Not a good thing for health. I wonder if I can make some treats that won't be so bad. Maybe sugar cookies in the shape of Easter eggs, colored by the kids (instead of dying eggs which is just a waste since we don't like eating boiled eggs that much), but made of wheat that has had the phyctic acid neutralized. Maybe sweetened with Stevia? Or at least honey and maple syrup. Wonder if there is a candy I can make in a healthier way, too.

You see, I mentioned that we always get sick the week I intend to start school back after Christmas, and my brilliant daughter Joy asked if it could be that we eat so much worse (lots of candy) at Christmas time.



So I've been toying with the idea of changing Christmas around. Not happy with the random candies we've been buying just to fill the stockings anyway. No sentiment there at all.

It occurred to me the other day that Easter is the same way. So onto today's "to do" list will go researching some healthier alternatives to the normal Easter candies, and maybe getting an order ready from Amazon or Oriental Trading company for some little toys to put in the plastic Easter eggs we hide, instead of candy (oh, we'll probably still buy some candy, just not nearly so much.)

Hiding plastic Easter eggs? Each younger child gets their own color of egg with treats in it. The older ones hide them and then help them find them if needed. The older ones just get their treats straight in their baskets, since they don't care about either hunting eggs or having them to play with later.

Works great.

The toddler of the year (Josh at the moment) simply looks for his own color. No one gets more or less than anyone else:-)

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