Saturday, February 21, 2015


Bought a new app for hymns. This one has them sorted by theme, focusing on the worship of Christ.

While waiting for a business meeting a few months ago, a lady saw me reading my Bible and talked to me. She gave me a word from God, part of which was to focus on praising Jesus. Since I pick the music for worship service, I think I'll take that word there as well as in my own devotions.

Mom was doing much better yesterday. I saw some of the old decisiveness come back for a bit :-) It was very nice.

I was doing something for Dad on his computer and while I sat there he had a Trojan attack! I immediately began to run Malware-bytes. It caught 1925 malware programs, and I saw McAfee catch about four others before they got as far at Malware-bytes. Never seen anything like it! But these programs caught everything and when I left his computer was as good as new :-)

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