Thursday, July 16, 2015

5 Reasons NOT to Send Your Kids Back to... | Exodus Mandate

5 Reasons NOT to Send Your Kids Back to... | Exodus Mandate:


"Bible-based education is mandatory for Christian parents....

Americans are not forced to pay for Mormon schools, or Muslim schools;
why should we be forced to pay for neo-Marxist schools (remember, all
education is religious in nature)?  And why should any Christian
contribute to such a system by sending their children to such schools at
the expense of others?...

As Hodge pointed out, the result of non-Christian education is anti-Christian education.  Government schools must be anti-Christian. 
They can be nothing else.  Therefore, to send a child to a government
school is to have them trained in an anti-Christian environment for
14,000 instructional hours.  To get that much instruction from church a
child would have to attend two hours a week for one hundred and forty

There’s enough here for an entire series of posts (so many posts… so
little time), but for now let me simply say that the “the Lord told me”
line of argumentation has serious theological problems.  We must make
our educational decisions with an open Bible.  “The Lord told me” is no substitute for ‘the Bible says!’  Please don’t make a decision about your child’s education without consulting (and obeying) the Scriptures....

One wonders what the schools will have to do to our children before
we are willing to acknowledge the folly of our choices.  In the
meantime, I will continue to watch, fight, and pray, and try to convince
as many of you as I can to liberate your children from Caesar’s
indoctrination camps.,,,

I have quoted John Wesley ...“Let it
be remembered, that I do not speak to the wild, giddy, thoughtless
world, but to those that fear God.  I ask, then, for what end do you
send you children to school?  Why? That they may be fit to live in the
world? In which world do you mean, — this or the next? Perhaps you
thought of this world only; and had forgot that there is a world to
come; yea, and one that will last forever! Pray take this into your
account, and send them to such masters as will keep it always before
their eyes. Otherwise, to send them to [a government] school (permit me
to speak plainly) is little better than sending them to the devil. At
all events, then, send your boys [and girls], if you have any concern
for their souls, not to any of the large public schools, (for they are
nurseries of all manner of wickedness,) but private school, kept by some
pious man, who endeavors to instruct a small number of children in
religion and learning together.”"

"God told me..."

"Follow your heart..."

"We can't afford it..." (in the richest country the planet has ever seen when parents in third world nations are using private school, when they don't even know where their next meal is coming from!)

"I feel..."

"I think..."

"I turned out alright"

are all mystic or atheistic attitudes.

Let me ask, if the Supreme Court declared all government funding of education unconstitutional (as they should since all education is religious by definition) would your children honestly receive no further education? run the streets for the rest of their youth?

Or would you partner with like-minded parents to come up with some sort of schoolish solution? Check the internet for a correspondence or e-school (some of the best of which are well under $1000 per year, by the way- less than you spend on clothes fashionable enough to keep your kid from being beat up)? Find some way, some how for your children to get the education they need? And since you are footing the bill, wouldn't you make sure that education didn't offend your God?

If you could educate your child without government money if the public schools were removed from possibility, why can't you now?

Because a vacation to Cancun or a new car is more important, right?

"Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and
pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from
heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

This doesn't say "if the heathens..." It says "people called by My name." This is the saved. 

If we, the children of God, will call on Him, humble ourselves, pray, seek His face (and will as expressed in the Bible), AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS (such as sacrificing our children to the god of materialism) , God will hear us and restore our land. 

If you want America returned to her Christian roots, if you want our freedoms restored, if you want the socialism reversed, you MUST turn from living like the heathens. You must make your decisions based on the Bible. You must quit sacrificing your children to the god of the government.

"And he said unto them, Then render unto Caesar the things that are
Caesar's, and unto
God the things that are God's."

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