Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Today the hard part begins.

The last of the company who came up for my mom's illness and funeral are leaving today. This is when the hard part begins; how do you build a new normal? Especially for my Dad. They were married exactly (to the day!) 48 1/2 years. Please keep him in your prayers.

I did really enjoy seeing all the relatives I haven't seen in a long time.

The memorial service was very nice. Nearly 100 people there, and considering all but my parents and my own family live at least 4 hours, and most 8-9 hours, away, that's a lot :-)

I've been trying out the HomeRoutine app. I'll let you know how it works :-)
Still loving the Plan to Eat site. It has so simplified the menu making, recipe finding, shopping list making process I do each week. I may even be saving a bit more money:-) Check out the link on the "Go Shopping" page of my blog.

I've been looking a lot at tiny homes (houses less than 500 square feet).
  1. It makes my 1400' house with 11 people living in it seem huge! :-D
  2. I would not object, actually to doing something like this if we could get several to accommodate the size of our family (1 for Hubby, toddler, and I, 1 for my adult daughter, 1 for my adult son, 1 for my teen boys, 1 for my four girls ages 7-14). We lived in a 32 foot camp trailer for 7 months when we first moved here while looking for our house. Though it was a stressful time for me, in retrospect there were a lot of benefits. Like, daily house work took a whole half hour! And I didn't have to clean a shower or tub. Too small to actually use. We used the campground' facilities (or pool!) instead. Same for the laundry. That particular campground had two laundry rooms. For someone who is not overly fond of house work, this was great :-)
Here's today's tiny home; http://tinyhousetalk.com/diy-short-school-bus-cottage/

Today is happy Jessie day! 

 Ok, her birthday was actually last week, but with all that was going on with the funeral and all we have put off celebrating until today:-)

We will;
  1. Take the day off school
  2. Go out to lunch just the two of us.
  3. Have cake for desert (we only eat desert on Saturday's, occasional Sunday's, and birthdays.)
She'll get her presents then.

Do you have any housekeeping apps that really help you?


  1. Hi, Betty. I can't say anything to ease your grief, but I hope it helps a TINY bit to know that there's a stranger on the Internet who's rooting for you. :) And for your family! -- David

  2. Thank you so much David. It does help to know others are supporting us.


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