Saturday, July 18, 2015

Expectant Faith: Patience doesn't mean idleness — JACOBJOLIBOIS

Ok, confession. I have been feeling like a move may be in our future for a year or so. I haven't talked to anyone about it but Mom, and now she is not available.

So you get to be my new confidant.

I have pictures of a major move, a major change. And what do I do to prepare while I patiently wait?

I am decluttering.

Big time.

We have a 1400 sq ft home, plus 96' store room, 12x12 shed, chicken coop (empty), milk shed (being used as storage a the moment), a 12 passenger van, 2 sedans, and a 28' camp trailer all being used for storage.

Christmas decorations, keepsakes, out of season clothes, craft stuff, Hubby's trains, school records, etc.

All justifiable

All hard to move any distance.

So this is a big part of what is behind most of my Simple Living enthusiasm.

I want to be ready so when God says it's time, I can pick up and go.

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