Monday, July 27, 2015

Money, Money...

My mom was the church Secretary/Treasurer (do you get the idea she was a busy person?). She had kind of shown me all she did to pay the church's bills occasionally over the years, but really, she was the only one who knew everything that needed to be done.

While she was sick and just after her death, my dad (our pastor) did the bill paying.

Last Wednesday the church voted to assign me as the head S/T and my oldest as my assistant. This only makes sense, because I am the one she kept up on how she did things. Besides, other members have tried the job in the past and "No thank you very much!"

And it's too much for dad since he now does his own finances (which mom used to do also) and that is too complicated and overwhelming on it's own.

So now I have added another job.

Thankfully she was very good at keeping things logical and orderly in the books.

Sadly, we are 2 months behind in actually recording stuff. (She was only really sick for a month or so, mercifully.)

So, today we are having "Jackie Day" (taking a holiday off school to celebrate my 4th daughter's birthday) so guess what I am doing? I'd rather be painting a bathroom or working on finishing my laundry room, but this is more urgent/important. We are almost at the first and I need to have everything caught up before adding another month to the list!

Sort of before on the laundry room. This is the original wall put in by the manufacture of our mobile. We have this papered wall board throughout it won't hold paint. So we've been a long time in figuring out to use primer (duhhh) to make it stick so we could redo it.

Half way point (where we are now, except cleaner, lol. I just threw everything in there to get it out of my kitchen that day). LOVE the bright yellow. Hate that I can't add any natural light :-( Still need to put in shelves and actually fasten that bar to the wall. It won't hold anything but hangers without falling like that.

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