Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sore Throat

Goopy Eye
Urgent Care
Upper Respritory Infection
Sleeping in Recliners
Less coughs
Beds are good
Can we clean the house now?

Seems I've been hit the worst with this round, but at least half the family has been down on any given day. Hubby's home from work today. He's been toughing it out, but just couldn't do it this morning.

I've got one on the couch with an upset tummy. Since no one else has had an upset tummy, I hope this doesn't mean a separate bug starting :-(

My dad and step mom were down for two weeks and I'm going on 2 1/5 now. The rest seem to be doing about a week, though, which I'm happy for.


  1. Good grief! I guess you can add "triage nurse" to your many other job titles. :( Hope you're all feeling better by now. Also: that you actually got to /rest/ a bit while you were sick. Silver linings, right?

    - David

  2. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, this bug seems to be a "2 steps forward, 1 step back" kind. Everyone but my 22 yo has had a few days of being very sick (one of the worst sore throats I've ever had), then is well-ish for a few days, then sick again, though not as bad.

    I'm still coughing, though most of the time I feel better each day.

    Yes, nurse is a job I do, too.

    And to top it off, we were supposed to go on a big, long camping trip this week. But we are way too sick to go there.

    Couldn't anyway. About a month ago, on the way home from a day's outing with the family, the tranny in our big van quit shifting right. We limped it home, and just as we pulled into our drive blue smoke poured out the back end. Unfortunately we have enough experience to know what that meant; dead tranny.

    Thankfully this time it was in our own drive instead of the freeway coming out of Sacramento doing 70 (the legal speed right there).

    Fortunately, we still had two weeks and 200 miles left on the warranty for our last fix.

    Unfortunately, when the shop put the fixed tranny back in the van and fired it up, oil blew all over the place. Seems the tranny case was broke. They have had trouble finding a new one, but we are supposed to have it back sometime this week.

    So, yeah, lots of rest. Way more than we had scheduled or really wanted.


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