Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quiverful and not so much

I have heard many accusations that those who are quiverful worship children and think that the more children you have, the more you are pleasing God. Now, I admit I have not read every quiverful book or website, but in the ones I have read I have never seen such an idea. So let me ask you, is there any way I can say that children are a gift from God and I am blessed to have eight without someone thinking I am saying I am more blessed than the barren woman?

Honestly, God blesses in many different ways. Some He blesses with talents, some with money, some with wisdom, some with children. Why can't I praise Him for the blessings He has chosen for me without someone getting their nose out of joint?

Those who object to the quiverful message probably fall into two categories: the barren by choice and the barren against their choice.

I understand those who want children feeling bad at such statements. There are some living in poverty who feel bad when a rich person tells how God has blessed them. Envy? Not necessarily. But it's hard to not have any money while surrounded by such a rich culture. It's equally hard to not have children and be surrounded by those who are popping them out every other year. Does this mean the rich are more loved by God than the poor? No. He just has different callings for their lives. Same with large and small families.

Part of the problem is our birth-control culture. We now assume anyone who is not having children is on The Pill. Before birth-control, If a couple was childless or only had one or two, everyone knew to pray for them. Today, well, do we teach them about trusting God to care for them (being in the ministry it is my job to teach what the Bible says) or do we hit our knees in pleading for empty arms to be filled?

The other group that I imagine misinterpreting the quiverful message, I would suspect have a guilty conscious. They are not trusting God in this area and so have a chip on their shoulder whenever the subject comes up.

Now, I am not saying all birth-control is wrong. Not at all. I am saying we are schizo when we trust God for our jobs and homes and everything else but tell Him, "No thanks. I'll handle this myself" when it comes to the size and spacing of our families.

First and foremost I am saying PRAY ABOUT IT!!! You would be amazed how many Evangelicals never even think to do that.

Secondly, all hormonal methods of BC have the potential of causing abortion. This makes them suspect (at best) morally.

Now barrier methods and Natural Family Planning, that's between you and God. But you need to read what the Bible says about children and about trusting God. Will that result in everyone having Dugger sized families? No. God has different plans for different families. The number of children you have doesn't really have anything to do with what I am talking about.

I am talking about trust and obedience to God.

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