Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Straw Women

Why is it that when you say you are not a feminist or that you believe in biblical values so many people go on tirades about how women should be allowed to use their brains and contribute to society?

It's because the feminists have created a straw woman. They present any homemaker (with or without children) as brainless twits who sit around eating candy and watching soap operas. Now to be honest, I have known a few women like this, but it wasn't because of biblical values. They were just lazy.

Here is the truth about biblical womanhood: The Bible requires a woman to use her brain and talents to their utmost capacity in order to achieve the goals given to her hubby by God. This means she is active and involved. She studies, she learns, she applies. She works long, hard, but very fulfilling hours. (And so does he.)

She does not leave the housework for hubby (unless ill or other extraordinary cases), insist on pursuing her own agenda, or in any way behave in dereliction of her duties. This may mean she runs the family store while hubby takes a coffee break, or full time until it is on its feet enough to support them. It may mean she does all the housework and childraising so hubby can rest up from his 10 hour work-days. It may mean they split the work and she spends time taking the elderly in their congregation to the doctors and grocery store. It may mean she lets the house sit while she puts THEIR ideas into blogs and books until an hour before he gets home from work. It will look different in each family.

But it's not the looks that matter. It is the focusing of the energies of two competent adults onto one set of goals instead of splitting the family's resources to pursue her agenda AND his (in every case I have seen this attempted it is HER agenda that always wins and his that is starved out. I may have been unlucky enough to have only witnessed the bad cases, but there you go.)

It really makes sense for two people to be more successful when working towards the same goal than if they each go their own way. Many woman have discovered, in fact, that hubby earns more money than they can earn with two incomes (after figuring work expenses) if he has wifey to care for the home front. This is only logical. It's called a "Division of Labor."

And what in the world could possibly be a bigger "contribution to society" than bearing and training the people that will make it up tomorrow? Isn't that the very molding of the planet?

And it's the man that God gives the goals to (though in the couples I know that function as an actual team instead of just roommates He tells them both) because the marriage relationship shows us a picture of God's relationship with the church. God tells the church what to do and then the church and God work together to accomplish that. Hubby tells the wife what the goals are and they work together to accomplish them.


Day Orphanages

Women should talk about their hubbies as they want to be talked about.

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