Monday, October 18, 2010

Satan hates babies

(A note; since Eve’s first grandchild was born, women have helped other women give birth. They have accumulated a store of knowledge that helps them to guide a baby safely into this world. This is God’s plan. Birth isn’t usually a medical event and these experienced women keep it that way. We call this being-with-women, or, in German, Mit Wife.)

There is a long standing tradition of Satan attacking babies in many ways.

The Bible tells us that in the time of Moses, Satan made the king of Egypt order all the boy babies to be drowned in the river. (God rewarded the Midwives for lying to the king and preserving as many babies as possible.)

The Canaanites were convinced by the devil to burn their babies as sacrifices to false gods. This is why God sent bees to drive them out of the land so Israel could take over.

Satan lured the Israelites into the same sin, burning their babies alive to Molech, a few centuries later. This is one reason God sent Assyria and Babylon to destroy them.

Malachi tells us that God desires babies.

In the time of Jesus, instead of Herod just doing a door to door search for the New King, Satan had him kill ALL the babies.

In the Roman Empire, Satan inspired such a spirit of selfishness that not only was the use of certain herbs to cause abortion common, post-natal abortions were preformed; Romans commonly threw their newborn babies off bridges. (Christians would wait in boats under the bridges and fish the babies out before they drowned and take them home to raise as their own.)

In the middle ages the devil inspired the leaders of the “church” to a spirit of jealousy. They declared all experienced midwives to be witches and proceeded to execute as many as they could. The result being dead babies due to the lack of experienced help.

During the Reformation, when people were really seeking God, things got better for a while.

Most doctors couldn’t be bothered with normal birth at this time. That was considered women’s work. But when there was a problem, the doctor would come and save the day.

The fashion began to dictate that upper class women live on little more than toast and tea and that they never went out in the sun in order to preserve their pure white skin. This caused deformed pelvises and eclampsia. Suddenly doctors were delivering most upper class babies. Well, if it was good for the upper class, midwives must be inferior, so any one who could afford it used a doctor. Doctors began to see an easy way to make money. (Satan and his greed demon)

A certain king commanded his girlfriend to give birth in such a way he could best watch. She had to lie flat on her back with her legs in the air. All for the pleasure of the king.

Well, if it’s good enough for the king, than its good enough for everyone else, right? All of the sudden it was considered vulgar to birth in the way women have always birthed throughout history; squatting.

Why is this a problem? The pelvis is made up of several bones that move in relationship to each other depending on the position you are in. Squatting makes the pelvis as wide and short as possible (as well as taking the pressure off of the major supply artery to the baby and allowing gravity to help pull). Lying on your back makes the pelvis long and narrow (cuts off the supply to the baby and makes mom push against gravity instead of with it). When the royal position became popular, more babies got stuck in those deformed pelvises and died or were injured with the doctor trying to get them out. This began a spiral of fear (babies die in birth so we have to have a doctor and do everything modern. Doing everything modern and with attendants that are only skilled in problems makes it more likely there will BE problems. Look, isn’t it a good thing we did things the modern way since the doctor had to work so hard to get the baby here? We had better make sure all our neighbors do too.) and we all know that “God hath not given us a spirit of fear.” If fear doesn’t come from God it comes from Satan. Fear alone causes labor to be ineffective.

About this time, many doctors opened hospitals and they began to see all the money they could make by doing births. Only the poor went to them, though, because they had a 50% or greater maternal death rate (further enforcing the belief that birth was dangerous and deadly) This only got better when doctors began washing their hands, by the way.

The devil also inspired a fashion that it was vulgar to nurse your babies, setting up millions of babies to be fed what amounts to milk with sugar added (formula) instead of God-designed breast-milk. Many babies have died from not having the right kind of nourishment.

At the turn of the 20th century in developed countries the doctors and hospitals began a campaign to discredit midwives, portraying them as dirty and unskilled. As a result, in most developed countries, birth moved from the home (where mommies were already immune to the germs) to hospitals (where they met all sorts of bugs they were susceptible to.) Satan got to kill many mommies and babies through infection.

Plus, Satan used the doctors to inflict all sorts of torture on moms with no scientific backing; shaving the pubic area (which INCREASES infection rates), enemas, x-rays, twighlight labor, tying moms to the tables, on their backs, with their legs in the air, giving women DES to prevent miscarriage (causing baby girls to be born with messed up, duplicated, or no reproductive organs), giving mommies with morning sickness Thalidomide to stop nausea (their babies were born without arms and legs), routine episiotomies, routine induction (which hurts more than natural labor), overuse of forceps, vacuums and surgery. If women object to these things they were patronized, bullied and even forced to comply. A good dose of fear always helps; “but your baby will DIE if we don’t…” It sounds very mellow-dramatic, but what many women experience in the hospital would be called rape in any other setting.

Today, in America, 95% of babies are delivered by doctors. These are men with training in complications. Their union fights very hard to continue to portray all births as medical events in need of doctors and hospitals. Satan finds this great since this means he can kill three times as many moms and twice as many babies as he could if we believed God knew what He was doing when He designed our bodies to give birth.

So today, the demon of selfishness makes us take medicines to keep from getting pregnant while enjoying sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry; some of these meds cause babies to die (never implant where they can get nourishment), kill our babies outright in the womb either with meds or surgeries, kill them before they are completely out of the womb (partial-birth abortion). Then our babies die because of the things done to them during birth. They are not given the nourishment they need to be healthy (meaning more die) because of bottle feeding. Then we toss them to daycares where even more will die (20% of all cases of SIDS occur in daycares). And because birth is often a horrifying experience, most women will only go through it once or twice. Satan wins; fewer babies.

Now, I ask you,

How could the bringing of an eternal soul into this world NOT be a spiritual event?


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