Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Men and Women

"For centuries there had been two distinct male and female worlds and, within each, there was relative freedom and equality. However, from this time, ironically called the 'Age of Enlightenment,' one world dominated the other. There was a re-evaluation of the male and female role, and women came off worse." -The Midwife Challenge by Sheila Kitzinger

God created man and woman. He gave each specific jobs to do; very different but equally important.

The Middle Ages and "Enlightenment" relegated the woman's role to a lower position. This is very much against God's design and will. As a result of this degrading of women (and The Curse) women began to hate womanhood and desire to be allowed into the men's world. As a result, men don't want to do men's work becasue women are doing it, women try to do men's work, and no one wants to do the women's work. God is grieved.

Women's Work
Bearing children
Birthing children
Nursing children
Training children
Teaching children
Assisting others in birthing children
Caring for the sick
Nourishing the healthy
Clothing the family
Basic sanitation of family and home
Beautifying of the home
Feeding of the souls
Social relationships in and outside the home

Man's Work
Conquering nature
Protecting the home and family
Providing resources for the family
Teaching the family aobut God
Building society
Conquering the enemy

In other words, Men are supposed to make a living and Women are to make life worth living.

American Thinker: Femi-not

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