Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prep for winter time again

Even though it's 80 degrees out today, The nights are getting colder. I know it will soon be too cold for my children to be running around in shorts. So I pulled out all the stored clothes and went through everything in the house today. I had each child go through their clothes and take out all the torn, stained, too small stuff. Torn and stained went in the garbage, too small went to the next sibling down (well, my youngest boy "handed" his too-smalls down to the local thrift store run for the profit of the Abused Women's shelter. My little girls really don't want sweats with "Go Wolfpack!" on them.) I then had them pick their favorite seven of each item to put back in their drawers. When they didn't have seven to pick from, I made a note in my organizer/purse so I would know what they need. Now I am checking the internet to see what I can buy without having to actually go to the store:-) In a week or so, we'll go to Wal-mart, I'll hand each older child a list of things to get and take one myself. It shouldn't take very long.

I can't tell you how much easier it is to do this now that I ...

  1. Accept and plan in that I really have to do this twice a year.
  2. I have older children. Having three adults (my mom was here) that could be helping little ones size and count clothes was Marvales! and the fact that the boys kept the things we were finished with taken out to their proper place (storage, mom's car to take to the thrift store, trash) was a big bonus!
All I have to do now is get their beds ready. Three blankets per bed helps us keep our heating bill down. (During the summer we store all those extra blankets in the storage trailer so we don't have to constantly pick them up and fold them.)

Now off to work on my commentary on the book of Amos:-)

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