Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Isn't Obama Talking About the Human Skulls?

American Thinker: Why Isn't Obama Talking About the Human Skulls?

My solution of the border:

First, reform immagration. It shouldn't take years and thousands of dollars to get here. And our quotas of how many can come in legally are way too low. Americans aren't having enough babies to supply a proper workforce and we need these immagrants!

Second, make it easier and quicker to get citizenship. Again, it shouldn't take years and thousands of dollars. These people from all over the world make a tremendous contribution to our country.

Third, end slavery. Yes you read that right. Our current situation has created an entire class of people living in this country that can not demand minimum wage nor their basic human rights. They are slaves. Maybe slaves who are better off than in their home country, but slaves non the less. We must crack down on all businesses and individuals who are caught hiring them and make the penilty HURT. (and isn't it a slap in the face to those who go to all the trouble to come here leagaly to let law breakers stay and even get citizenship faster? Doesn't it tell them that obeying the law is stupid?)

Only then can we address the border.

There we need to put up a fence and have our soldiers practice and train right their on the border. No one should have to live like discribed in the above article, especially legal Americans.

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