Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Vouchers

There are many who don't like the thought of vouchers. Here is my opinion (as if that is really important to anyone, lol);

1) The current set up is unfair to those who privately educate their children. I pay the same property taxes, sales taxes and "fees" that everyone else pays. 40% of those state taxes go to public schools. Yet none of my children have ever been in a public school. Hubby and I have paid for every penny of their education out of our own pocket (well, I have had some very odd birthday gifts from Grandma. Who knew math manipulative could so appreciated, lol?). This means we are paying twice for our children's education; once through our taxes and again through private means. This is not fair.

2) Whether liberals like it or not, capitalism works. The current set up is a monopoly pure and simple. The schools have no reason to preform well except for some vague, undefined "for the sake of the child" idea. When the rubber meets the road, the threat of losing those students (with their accompanying paycheck) makes even the public schools preform better.

3) I find it quite racist and elitist to demand that poor people can only attend the poor schools that the government assigns them too. Every child deserves a private-level education.

4) We would save money. We could give parents one third of the gov money (about $3000 on average. The average private school costs about $3000/year), bank one third, and still send one third to the public schools. "Worst case scenerio" and all the parents used their vouchers on private education, the schools could sell all their property and still pay the teachers for doing nothing!

I think vouchers, if carefully controled by the voters, would be a great way to ease us into 100% private education.

New Poll Shows Senate Bill 1 Favored Among PA Likely Voters FreedomWorks

(I have people tell me that they have a "right" to send their children to public schools when they find out I am for gradually ending government envolvment in education.

1) "Where exactly do you find such a "right"? It's not in the Bible or the Constitution, our two sources that list rights.

2) "You mean you think you have the "right" to force me with the threat of jail (tax evasion) to pay for your child's education? Really? Does this give me the "right" to demand that you pay for my children's housing? Tax money comes from your neighbor, not Santa Claus. You are taking money out of his pocket with every entitlement program.

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