Monday, September 12, 2011

A school day like no other

I had planned to have a normal school day today. It would be our only one this week, what with a midwife appointment tomorrow, picking up new shelves for the church Wednesday, and what not. The children petitioned for something different though. Since we switched to mostly Abeka at the beginning of the year I gave each child a stack of books and said "When you are done with these, you are done for the year." One child spent every spare minute reading textbooks and hasn't done anything but math, spelling and grammar (and of course Bible which we still do together) since late May! Another child had it all worked out where he would only have one school day left after thanksgiving (We start our school year in mid January with the arrival of the tax return.) One child is sorely behind and simply not going to make it. Of course what is hard to figure into all this is that as we get closer and closer to Baby, I feel less and less up to doing school. I will also need a couple of weeks recoup time afterwards (one of which will likely be used to clean house if my past history holds consistant.) This totally messes up everyones figures on how much time is left for school this year. I told the last child he could take the whole week off of everything IF he finished his history text by the end of the week. Everyone jumped on it. So today all the children 10 and older are either reading history or science in an effort to finish off textbooks for the year! In fact, the first child I mentioned above (Jon-13) just finished his math book! The younger ones I will work with in a bit when I finish sweeping the kitchen and dinning room. It's my turn but my body will only let me work for a few minutes.

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