Thursday, September 01, 2011

Exciting day

Jane (3.5) saw a snake in the storeroom a few days ago. Well, she said it was either a snake or a lizard. She couldn't tell.

Last night Joe (12) found it in a drawer in the kitchen. Jim (16) tried to catch it but it stayed out of his reach. Hubby came home, said, "Huhhh." and went to get ready for church. So concerned, lol.

This afternoon Jon (13) found it under my drainboard by the sink! It crawled up into the electric plug to escape. An hour or so later it was seen in the dinning room. Jim stayed on the hunt until he caught it.We still aren't postive about what kind it is. Most likely a Gopher snake. He was about 15" long and as big around as a man's finger.

He was released outside where he promptly headed for under the house. I don't mind if he stays there and eats mice, but we are praying he was too tramatized to come back in the house!

This is actually the second snake we have had in the house in the eleven years we have lived here. I was very pregnant with the last one too.

We know we have a number of snakes outside including one living in the chicken coop. It's head is too small to eat eggs, even unhinged, but it keeps the mice down. That one is definitly a Gopher.

Even with all the excitment I was able to finish the baby's layette. I couldn't find a neutral material I liked so I just made two; one pink and one blue.

The birth kit is complete now. Give me a few more days to make sure Baby's lungs are mature enough and I am ready:-) Can't wait to hold my new little one!

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