Monday, September 12, 2011

Structured homeschooling gets an A+

Structured homeschooling gets an A+

These results are so common they are almost ho-hum, lol.

The real story of this report is that it is the first I have seen comparing different methods of homeschooling. I have always suspected that the more structured type would produce better results than unschooling which is what they found. Now, I have heard of unschoolers graduating at the top of their class in Harvard, so these results wouldn't apply to every unschooler. But it is something to think about.

And as for the comment "Public schools play an important role in the socialization of children" they obviously haven't looked at the studies. Every study but one that I have read about homeschool socialization has shown homeschoolers to skunk in this area more than than they do in academics! (That one the researchers came to the conclusion that hs were less socialized because they were more mature, mannerly, and self confident. He thought they were too grown up. Obviously he intended to have ps win no matter what results he got.)

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