Saturday, June 09, 2012

Abortion and the clash of worldviews

Abortion and the clash of worldviews

"If you believe that 1) man is a created being and has a nature determined by an intelligent and purposeful design, and 2) man is an immortal spirit being which inhabits a mortal body, and 3) there is a universal moral law governing life, marriage, sexual activity, and the family, you will probably oppose abortion. If you believe that 1) man has been randomly evolved and has no fixed nature or design, and 2) man is purely a physical animal and/or a material machine, and 3) morality is culturally or individually determined, or if a politically correct elite determines right and wrong, you will probably favor abortion on demand.
If we give in to calls for "tolerance," we will lose. The other side has no tolerance for us and will show us no quarter. In a fight to the death, a demand for "tolerance" is the equivalent of saying "roll over and play dead, so we can kill you in peace."

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