Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

1. Still working on getting caught up on pictures. Well print ones anyway. digital will have to wait or be assigned to a child.

2. The latest bug has gone through just about everyone. hubby showing signs now. That should be it.

3. Interesting article on an atheist converting here. I am with her and simply fail to see anyway you can have morality(as generally defined as not loping your neighbors head off when you are capable of it) without God.

4. Hubby's Father's Day clock looks nice over the couch. Unfortunately, I can't read it from my chair:-( Hubby thought about putting it somewhere different, but #1 son didn't hear him. We might go ahead and move it over there and bring the old one back here. It's not pretty but I can read it from my chair.

5. DC spent the night with my mom last night as usual. I told them not to bother coming over to milk since hubby has today off and can babysit while I milk. Now its time to go out, baby is awake, and Hubby is sleeping. What do I do?

6. It's amazing how much nine children with the same parents look alike. If it weren't for different lengths of hair, finger sucking patterns, and worn out car seats assigning names to those above mentioned pictures would be impossible.

7. working on an article explaining why we should all attend church. Any ideas to help? (I have quite a few already in the works. Just want to know if I have missed something.)

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