Friday, June 08, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

1. I have been doing a major re-vamp of our church's website. Go check it out:-) Because of the above mentioned work, I haven't been posting as much anywhere (even facebook- Gasp!) I do have a couple of comments to get to on this blog. I haven't forgotten you. Just haven't gotten over there.

2. Readership is down all across my Internet "sphere of influence." I panicked until I remembered that most people still function on the traditional school schedule. Summer and Christmas vacations always bring big drops in readership. Booo:-( I miss you!

3. Great article! Every woman should read it (and it wouldn't hurt the men, too!)

4. We are thinking of starting the Families of Life Journal up again, sort of. We ran it for several years in print, but that is a lot of work and money. We gave a brief try to an electronic version and may try it again. It would be a tab on the church's website. What do you think?

5. Finished commenting on Ezra this morning! Yeah! Should have put Easter right, smack, dab in the middle of it though. That's where it belongs chronologically. I need a name for my book on the pre-captivity prophets so I can upload it to and get a proof to go over. My other commentaries are "Rubies, Silk and Chocolate Covered Peanuts: Proverbs 31 and Titus 2," "First Things First: The Book of Genesis," and "History Foretold: The Book of Daniel." Any suggestions?

6. Cow's production has been dropping speedily. She won't be paying her way much longer.

7. Worked on putting pictures into albums yesterday. Babies change into adults WAY too fast:-( My current 8 month old looks identical to how my 6'2" 17yo looked many-a-year-ago! Sigh. They should all still be little, not looking down on me from heights above (my 20yo daughter is 5'7", a full inch taller than me, as is my 12yo son. My 14yo son is 5'8" and growing fast. Even my 10yo daughter is 5'4"! She will pass me in the next year, I am sure:-( !) [and how exactly do you punctuate that and use an emoticon without it looking like I have a tongue deformity?] I am a totally evil mother. I couldn't always recognize my own children:-( Me: "Mom, who is this child and why do I have a picture of them? Is it one of my nephews?" My Mom: "That's Jimmy, dear." Sigh.

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