Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Takes

1. Healthcare. I believe unless something major happens, we will eventually have universal, single payer healthcare. Obamacare is just the next tool in that journey. since the penalty tax is less than insurance, most people will eventually choose to just pay the penalty. Then if they get sick, they go to the nearest insurance company and tell them to pay the bill. The insurance company can't refuse them for a previous condition. The result is that all insurance companies will eventually go bankrupt. The only alternatives will be either a single payer plan or another bailout/take over. Frankly I'ld rather have the single payer. I'ld really rather not have either.

The reason healthcare is so high is because of government involvement in the first place. ANY industry ANY government has EVER stuck its hand into has had skyrocketing expenses and plumeting quality. MORE government involvement will only make it worse.

Two major results in my life: I now qualify for medicaid and will have insurance for the first time in some 12 years (the poverty level for a family of 11 is about $80,000. We doan't earn anywhere near that). The second is that if my 73yo father were to have another heart attack, he will die. It is already inforce that they don't give emergancy treatment to people over 70 without the "ethics boards" approval. What are the odds of a heart attacking when the board happens to be in offic and taking calls?

2. cow has a last date. Her production has dropped to just a gallon a day. That doesn't pay for her feed. so we will either take her in this Tuesday or the next. I will miss the morning milkings. I will not miss the endless caring for the milk:-/

3. Sick children again. Blah!

4. Lots of pretty bird sounds this morning. Sparrows nest all around us and sing the morning in.

5. The ruling might get the Tea Party the backing htey need to take over the GOP and win the elections in November. a big majority of Americans don't like this healthcare bill.

6. finished the pictures! Finally!

7. Gotta go milk. Probably the last Friday morning milking.

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