Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Picture Lament

Lots of pictures. Memories dear.
Children there, children here.

But, oh no! I’m bad! Sit down.
The names and ages I didn’t write down!

So gather round and examine the mess.

Remember this shirt? Remember that dress?

What year did that couch totally wear thin?

Was it after Jon or before Jim?

When did we move from over there?

This baby must be Jackie (she had no hair)

Lots of hair? That’s Jessie there.

Bald at three? Joy it must be.

Blue, not pink? Jon I think.

Sucking fingers, not thumb, Jenn is the one.

That’s not Jane or Joshua fixing to swim.

The computer has all the pictures of them.

A sonogram? Oh how sweet! Thankfully a date I meet.

That’s Joseph’s nose and foot right there.

Honest! That’s a baby there!

I love looking through our pictures with my kids.

But from now on first thing I’ll do is


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