Monday, August 24, 2015

Newest from Tracy Enterprises

(warning: blatant commercial:-)

I have dealt with CafePress for years, starting when our church wanted matching t-shirts for an event. CP turned out to be too much for the volume we needed (and we're a bit of a poor church anyway), but I created a number of products with the church's symbol (which I drew by the way) on them.

I have played around at CP with some of my book covers over the years, too.

Sometimes I really think I'm a bit stupid, though. It honestly never occured to me to set up a CP store selling my own art work for the sake of just my own art work.

Can we all say "Duhhh."

So announcing the Grand Opening of Tracy Enterprise's new venture:

The Dream Pony Line!

Fantum the Dream Pony

I intend to add other Ponies from my head (those that have been galloping around in there since I was little, with the occasional appearance on school work, letters, doodles, etc) over the next few months, as time allows me to put them on paper (uhh, again). Might add some of my paintings, too.

And Hubby's photos.

And sons' cartoons.

And my oldest daughter's stick figures (you have never seen such expressive stick figures!)

(Hmmm. More things to waste my time on instead of what I should be doing. Sigh. Oh Well.)

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