Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To Shave or Not to Shave, That is the Question

For a couple of years, I have gotten our razors and shaving cream for free around here with coupons. Well, actually, Walmart has been paying us to take them home. Every once in a while they run a "roll back" at the same time the manufacture run's a coupon. The razors I have been "buying" go down to $2.96, while the coupon is for $3, so Walmart gives us the difference. The shaving cream is rolled back to $.98 while its coupon is for $1. But I think that has changed now.
We have recently given a try to the Shave Club. My nephew and hubby both complain about very sensitive skin, and with the inherited acne, my sons don't exactly enjoy shaving either.

My nephew gave a try to The Shave Club's products and loved them. I had been reading about them for a while and with Daniel;s comments, I decided to give it a try. When I showed it to Hubby, he said the guys at work had been raving about them, too.

Well, it's been a month now and the results are in. Hubby says they are good razors that don't irritate his skin. Now, he has a full beard so he won't be using the four blades they send every month. Just what he needs to keep his neck clean.(and, honestly, I really like beards. I think they look very manly).

My oldest son also has a beard, but he keeps his more trimmed than his dad's. He likes these, too.

My second son grinned and said "No thanks." He rather likes the wild and wooly look. Hasn't had a hair cut in a year or so (almost long enough for a ponytail!) and prefers his beard totally untrimmed (except for the one little curl that sticks straight up:-D). So this month I will be ordering new blades for Hubby and Jim (my oldest son.) I think, since I will have an extra blade, I will give it a try myself:-)

My third son just turned 16 and isn't yet to the point of needing to decide one way or another.

If you order through this link, I get $5 off my next order, which helps.

Try it. It's not much money (less, in fact than most men spend per month at the brick and mortar stores. My bill this month for 1 handle and 4 blades will be about $13.00. Our norm will be less than $10 for the best quality blade they offer.), and you are worth it:-)


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