Saturday, August 29, 2015

Of Vacations Lost

We had scheduled to go camping this week. In fact, we packed, drove, and found a beautiful campsite. The kids were having a great time.

Most of the kids.

Joshua (4) complained of a toothache. I gave him some Tylonol and that seemed to take the edge off, but it didn't take it away. By the evening it was obvious he was hurting worse. There was no way I could take care of him or do anything more for him there in the campground.

Our choice was to spend the night holding him while he cried or pack up and go home.

Of course, we went home.

(I've always wondered how fast we could pack it all up if we had to. Seems it takes us about half an hour to get three tents worth of campsite ready to go).

At home I was able to put Bugs Bunny on which distracted him enough to calm his pain. Did you know studies have shown that watching TV produces endorphins equivalent to those you get when eating candy or a big steak? Laughter also will produce pain-killing endorphins. So that Waskely Wabbit is the ideal choice for a small child in pain. That plus the Tylonol and he did ok.

Thursday, instead of swimming in a mountain lake, I took him to a dentist. This was a new one quite a distance from our home, but I couldn't find one closer that I liked, AND who took our insurance, AND who could get him in immediately.

I must say, I really like these people. They were very patient with him, talked TO him, and treated him with cheerfulness and respect. And they didn't diss me or act like they thought I was a bad mom. Even when he threw up all over their floor :-P

(Best I can tell, he had car sickness because he was fine within an hour of getting home.)

So now we are scheduled to see a more specific dentist who will take care of Josh's problem, though he has complained of very little pain since and is acting perfectly normal.

Oh, and this dentist said, "No one believes me but study after study has shown that the most effective pain treatment is to alternate Tylenol with Ibuprofen." Thought you all would like to know.

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