Sunday, July 05, 2009

Marriage is about the human heart.

The human heart is in rebellion to God.

Many who are for gay marriage are assuming sexual orientation is genetic. It is not. The research that is supposed to have shown this is VERY poorly done. The studies are not scientifically valid. I can give you links to sites that take them apart piece by piece and explain the problems with them (you would be amazed how much of our lives are affected by very bad science. Did you know there is no link between eating fat and heart disease? Sugar and heart disease, yes. Man made trans fats and heart disease, yes. Butter, whole milk and good ole’ meat NO! And vaccines? Iffy at best. Sigh.) The gay marriage issue is in no way related to the racial bigotry and to compare them is to diminish the entire issue of racial prejudice and to demean those who fought it.

The fact is that gay couples already have all the same rights as married couples under Domestic Partnership Laws. What they are campaigning for is a name, nothing more. And if heterosexual marriage is in such bad shape, why would gays want to be identified with it anyway?

The fact is that marriage is not an invention of humankind. It is an invention of God’s. He designed it for the purpose of 1) creating godly children, something no gay couple can do without outside help, and 2) representing Christ and the church. Now how does a gay marriage do this? Wouldn’t this show us that God doesn’t need the church, just another God? or the church doesn’t need God just a sister church to fellowship with? This is totally ridiculous and total blaspheme.

Where will this lead? Do we next give men who have the urge to have sex with little boys the legal right to marry them? There are those who say this is as much a part of their genetic make up as the gays are claiming. How about those attracted to animals? Do we give them the right to marry their dogs? Give me one good argument to restrict these practices without using the same arguments heterosexuals use against gay marriage.

The fact is that marriage is none of the government’s business in the first place. They have no right telling anyone anything about marriage. It is a religious institution. I don’t even think they should issue marriage licenses (though I haven’t figured out how to get around inheritance problems without it:-)

And these laws do affect the none gay person. For example, landlords have the legal right to deny those shacking up an apartment under their religious freedoms. Legalization of gay marriage forces them to rent to gays even if they believe they would go to hell for it (while the gay couple can always pick another apartment. They have the right to choose, but the landlord doesn’t). It also forces churches to hire gay Sunday school teachers and office help against their sincerely held religious beliefs, or risk law suits or even prison.

“Do unto others…” I am not advocating stoning gays, as the Old Testament tells us to do. Far from it. I do not advocate any violence against gays. What I ask my country and fellow Americans to do to me is to leave me alone and allow me to worship my God in the way He has called me to. Passage of these laws removes that freedom and gets the average gay couple nothing more than identification with a very troubled, sick institution. It is one more step to telling me what to teach in my homeschool or outlawing homeschooling all together. It is one more step to imprisoning my hubby and father for what they preach from the pulpit. With the anti-discrimination laws on the books (that Act Up fully intends to use to the fullest extent) it will complete the transformation of this country into a religious dictatorship with Atheism as the religion. Anyone worshiping in any none approved way would be labeled a bigot to someone.

Remember, when you approve of the government taking my rights, you are giving them the right to take yours.

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