Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things the Bible says

I can find these things, these principles in the Bible. Can you find anything in there that says differently?

1. God is a God of justice, vengeance, and jealously as well as love and compassion.

2. We are to put God ahead of things.

3. We are to love others more than ourselves.

4. The Bible is the ultimate source of truth.

5. Marriage is between one man and one woman.

6. Sex is for marriage only.

7. God hates divorce.

8. The husband is supposed to love his wife enough to sacrifice himself for her.

9. The wife is to obey her hubby and help him achieve God’s calling in his life.

10. Children are blessings from God.

11. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are educated in the ways of the Lord.

12. Pastors are to be chosen by how well they manage their families, how hospitable they are, that they teach, that they have a good reputation in the community, that they are even tempered and not greedy.

13. The church is supposed to worship God.

14. The church is supposed to take care of the widows and poor.

15. The church is supposed to step in and fill the gap when the family can’t do their job.


1. Most Christians today will only do the part of the above that won’t interfere with their entertainment and acquiring of “stuff.”

2. Most Christians believe children are biological accidents.

3. Most Christians don’t really like their children nor want to spend time with them.

4. Most Christians think it is a more important job to be a nice checker at wal-mart than to care for their own children.

5. Most churches think a pastor should be chosen by how good he preaches.

6. Most churches think that people will be saved if the church has a good rock band and the best entertainment.

7. Most Christian children grow up thinking church is something done to them.

8. Most Christians think children are a disruption of the service.

9. Most Christians think children are the church of tomorrow, not today.

10. Most Christians will tell me I am condemning and judgmental and have missed the will of God for pointing out the inconsistencies between their actions and the Bible’s teachings.


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