Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why You Should Support And Encourage Homeschooling

It Is Better For The Children. Homeschooled children consistently score higher on academic and socialization tests. They have all the natural advantages of a tutorial environment without the disadvantages of the modern classroom. Question: Who will do a better job of teaching the average child- some stranger that doesn’t know them from Adam or their own loving, Mommy and Daddy?
It Is Better For The Parents. Frankly, any parent that is disinterested enough in their children to not do their best to provide for their child’s education will be the first that take advantage of the “free” government babysitting known as public school. A parent who loves their child enough to voluntarily spend twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week with their child will do whatever is necessary to give them the best education possible. These parents reap the benefits of well-educated children in their retirement years plus the opportunities to increase their own education through the process of teaching their own children. Question: Are ‘free” government schools worth every penny?
It Is Better For The Teacher In The Ranks. Every child taught at home reduces the average teacher’s workload by 3%. That is that much more time the teacher can devote to the rest of their class, making the children’s education better and the teacher’s job easier. Question: Would you want to do the job of the average teacher? Thirty total strangers every year to teach basic skills and socialization to while making all the special interest groups happy. Sound like fun?
It Is Better For The Property Tax Payer. Fewer students in school mean less crowding. Less crowding means a slower demand for new school buildings and teachers. Less demand means lower taxes. Question: Is it really moral for Uncle Sam to steal your hard-earned money to pay for your neighbor’s child’s education?

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