Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009-Our pictures

We have had the biggest snow in the entire time we have lived here this year. big enough for some interesting snowmen.

Making Christmas cookies.

My Jessie with her harmonica. She played "Go Tell it on the Mountain" while her three younger sisters sang.

Our Christian brother talking about God's blessings.

Our pastor (my dad) discussing what it would have been like to be Joseph and parent Jesus. (My, it must have been quite a task from the look on his face!)

Some of our congregation.

We talked my neice into playing us a special.

My Joseph telling the Christmas story.

My Joy playing Joy to the World.
Sister Nancy read a funny poem.

Hubby and I sang "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name" (I am just learning the piano. I highly recommend "Piano for Quitters" and "Piano for Life.")

Jon on his way to the piano for his duet of "The Drummer Boy."

Jim playing his part of "The Drummer Boy."

Sis Leigh read a poem and sang a song.

My boys posing for the camera.

My whole family.

My girls.

Jane- 2

Jackie- 5

Jennifer- 6

Jessie- 8

Joseph- 10

Jonathon- 11

Jim- 14 (and 6'2"!!!!)

Joy- 17

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