Tuesday, December 08, 2009


We are getting over a long bout of illness here. sniffles. coughs. a few fevers, though not many. general blahhs. Thankfully it seems to be about over.

We have gotten a good foot of snow over the weekend. This ties for the msot since we moved here nearly a decade ago. The rabbits think they have died and gone to heaven, being cold climate animals. The chickens not so much. They are complaining, though still laying (we are up to an average of five eggs a day now!). The dog appears to have som Norwegian elk hound in him and loves the cold, but doesn't like the snow. We have been keeping him in the house since the snow. We have to force him to go out to take care of business. Once he is out there, he enjoys it but wants back in the minute we will let him. The housecats, of course, don't care one way or another about the snow, but hate the dog, LOL.

The children enjoy playing outside for a few miutes but not for long. we are all getting more inside stuff done.

It always amazes me how different everything looks with a blanket of snow. God gives us a whole new scenery to look at so we don't get bored with the same ole' thing:-)

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