Saturday, December 19, 2009


Every year for my mom's birthday my hubby buys her all sorts of, ummm, interesting things to taste test (we usually wait until Thanksgiving to do the tasting even if her birthday doesn't fall on the holiday that year). These can be different flavors of soda (sweat one year. Turkey another), bar-b-q sauces, salsas, and some things that are simply unidentifyable. This year I wrote down some of the comments (easier for me to do since i am too chicken to taste most of the things. The comments are mostly from Andy, John and Mom). Next year I will try to put the name of the item with the comment.

We used taco chips to taste things on.

Real suttle
That's actually pretty good.
Some places say that's food.
You might could get used to it.
Boy, that's a winner right there (a black cherry bbq sauce).
Not as bad as the other one.
Not even lettuce could help it (some sort of dressing).
I'm not sure that's better than the tuber.
That needs more pork (one of the bbq sauces).
Ice cream would improve that.
Yep, that's bubble gum (flavored soda).
It reminds me of my mouthwash.
wwd40 stirred with a licorice stick.
OK, I'm brave.
Tastes like concrete (never did figure out what that one was).

And my all time favorite responses (Thi Mayo I think):
NASTY!!!! (by my mom who eats anything as she was wiping it out of her mouth)

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