Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who Bears the Burden for Our Modern Society?

We have two basic groups of women in our country: those who work outside the home and those who see the home as their career. These two groups are not clear cut and individuals who would love to be in one sometimes find themselves in the other for a season.

However, we find that one group is living off of the other. You see every working woman with two or fewer children is planning to retire off the social security paid by the three plus, well raised children of the stay at home mom. This article does a good job of framing the situation from a traditional family point of view. I must say that it irritates me when working women (almost all of whom I know live a higher standard of living than I do) claim the government should pay for their daycare. they think my hubby, who is working himself to death to try to provide our bare necessities, should pay for THEIR daycare so they can, what, buy a newer car? Go on a cruise? Have fancier clothes or an even bigger house? Greed. Pure and simple greed.

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