Monday, May 30, 2011

Child education myths

Domestic Felicity: Child education myths

Honestly, what she says goes for older children too.

Hey, some of my children are very quiet (not shy exactly, just not bouncy). But you know what? I spent 13 years in PS (remember to count kindegarten) and was even quieter and down right shy. Some of my children are outgoing and energetic. But so was my brother (with preschool-14 years in public school). You knwo what? humans are different. Wow imagine! We aren't all the same no matter where we were educated.

There does come a time when mamma's knowledge isn't enough to teach all a child needs to know. That's why we have textbooks! Having one child graduated and one close I can tell you that a good textbook with answer key will generally answer all questions and problems. If it doesn't, well, that's what God made Google for:-) To this point, hubby and I, our reference/textbooks, and the internet have been able to answer/teach everything needed.

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