Friday, May 27, 2011

‘Illegal’ babies abducted by Chinese population control officials |

‘Illegal’ babies abducted by Chinese population control officials |

Whenever you hear someone talking about lowering the birthrate or "the government needs to do something about population control" Think about this article. This IS what will happen if we give the gov that much power.

The sad thing is if China would put their energy into growing their economy instead of killing their own people, they wouldn't need "population reduction." Too many babies aren't why they go hungry. It's too many politicians.

And the inevitable result: because boys traditionally take care of their parents in old age, the girls are the ones being aborted (so much for "protecting women"). This means China now has a whole army of young men with NO chance of ever marrying. How will they fix this? Start a war to kill soldiers off in? Open state run whore houses?

And when you have one baby for every four grandparents, you can't possibly tax the new workers enough to provide retirement. So the only logical solution will be euthanasia for anyone too old to work.

Really people. Think about what you are saying when you are discussing population control.

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