Friday, November 29, 2013


Ladies Against Feminism. Many thought provoking articles.

Isn't is interesting that feminism is against anything feminine? Most of us were never taught as children how to be feminine much less that it is important. God created us to fulfill the honorable position of help meet for men. We are very different from them. As a lady in church yesterday said, "women have a husband sized hole in their hearts." We need to have someone to work with and help in order be fulfilled.

I know this is not a popular view point, but it is what the Bible says. Marriage is the object lesson for the church's relationship to God. It would not make sense for Him to create us to not really need men when the church REALLY needs God. When we try to live outside of His plan we miss the many many blessings He has for us in His design.

Yes, some people are called to be single but they are few and far between. Also, we should be very careful in picking the man we are going to be help meet to. He is the only authority figure we get to pick and we will be stuck with him the rest of our lives. But we DO need men. we are incomplete without them as they are without us. (Men need us as much as we need them.)

Oh, for those looking for Mr. Perfect, he is not available. I married him 27 years ago. Sorry, you will have to settle for something less:-D


  1. I'll put my comment here too for all of your readers:

    A short note concerning the word "Help Meet:"

    First of all, it shows that you are using the KJV, which is ok, but hard to understand for those educated in most schools as the language is not in the vernacular.

    Second, and more importantly, you should look up how that word is used outside of Genesis 2. In the Hebrew (which is better than the KJV for word studies), the word is עֵ֖זֶר which just so happens to translate as "helper" or "help meet," but it is not exclusive to Genesis 2. For example, in Psalm 118, the psalmist writes, "The Lord is on my side as my Helper," (sorry, the KJV does not translate this verse appropriately; I needed to use the ESV). The same word to describe women describes God. In the sense that women are to submit to their husbands, God must submit to the psalmist. Yeah, that makes sense, wives submit to your husbands since you are his helper, just as the Lord God Almighty submits to believers, since He is our Helper. Same word. The concept of a help meet is a man's attempt to promote his ego and stifle women. It is wrong and bad theology.

  2. And this is bad logic.

    You msut either take the whole Bible or leave it. You can't take a word here that you like and use it and ignore a word there that you don't like.

    The Bible is clear throughout, no matter what translation you use (and the Hebrew and Greek is even clearer). Woman was created to help man acheive what God has called him to do. Yes, this compares to how God helps us do what He has called us to do. That is why the same word is used. It doesn't mean woman is divine or all powerful. Just that she is called to help, just as God helps us.

    "The concept of a help meet is a man's attempt to promote his ego and stifle women."

    You are saying this verse is written by man, not God. Again, you must either take the whole Bible (including this and other "submit" verses) or leave the whole thing. You can NOT twist, and cut, and paste until it means what you want it to.

    This position of "help Meet" is not one of inferiority any more than a secratary is inferior to her boss. A secratary is an equal human being to her boss. She is simply his helper. This is the same as the husband/wife relationship. There is no shame or degradation in being your husband's help meet anymore than it is for a secratary.

    Wifely submission is a perfect picture of what God wants from the church (which is why the Bible refers to the church as "The Bride of Christ.") Are you really saying the church should not submit to Christ?


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