Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vaginal Politics: A Midwife’s Story

An Oral History by Judy Lee as told to Bette Waters

Anyone interested in what is really going on politically and culturally in the birth industry will enjoy this book. This kind of stuff happens all too often.

Ms Lee arrives in a community ready to give care to the poorest of the residents only to discover that it is illegal. Many women couldn’t afford doctors and thus couldn’t have any legal prenatal care. Ms Lee was instermental in changing this situation.

The way she practiced before the big name doctors got wind of her is a model for how healthcare should be run. Doctors from the neighboring communities would even call her and ask her to go take elderly patient’s blood pressure and administer medicine to them when they couldn’t make it into the Dr office. It was a true partnership.

Hey Docs, Midwives are on the same side you are! The enemy is disease, remember?

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