Monday, November 25, 2013

The Love of God

The popular idea is that there is no right and wrong and anyone who says differently is being hateful and judgmental.

This is simply not true.

Let's take God for example:

God says that homosexuality is a sin. Repeatedly. Why? Because the homosexual lifestyle is a violent, unhealthy lifestyle. God loves those tempted by the gay lifestyle so much He did what he could to persuade them to not consider it; to do all they could to avoid it.

God says for older women to teach younger women to be keepers at home. Why? Because He knew children need their mommies, hubbies need the help to accomplish the goals God gives them, and women need the peace and control of that lifestyle choice. It would be best for everyone.

God told women to obey their hubbies because of how God made men and women. Men were given the instinct to conquer so they would conquer the land and grow groups, conquer the wild and bring civilazation. Conquer the enemy and protect their families. When women "fight for their rights, stand up to their man, demand equality" they trigger that conquer instinct. A man must either fight his wife or become apathetic. No woman likes an apathetic man.

But God also gave a man the instinct to take care of what belongs to him and to protect the weak. When a woman submits, makes her ideas and requests known in the same way they would to their boss at work, it triggers her man's instinct to take care of her. He will listen and do what he can to care for and promote her. Most men can't can't help it. He will love her. When God said to submit, He was giving the woman the method to get what she needed in her marriage. And the hubby gets the respect he needs to be mentally sound.

It comes down, really, to do we "Trust in the Lord with our whole heart" or do we "Lean to our own understanding?" 

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