Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Day's Work

 A shot of our "computer room" (actually a corner of the living room). This picture was taken about a year ago, but this is how the room looked Yesterday morning (minus the big pink exercise ball and laundry basket:-).

And today's view.

It might be difficult at first to see much difference, but look at the wall on either side of the door. The old wall was tan, the original color from the factory. The new wall is Buttercup Yellow.

This job, painting 1/5 of the living room took one day:-)

It came to a critical point, I'm afraid, when I realized a mouse had moved in under the desk. So I had to move everything to clean it out and reorganize a bit so I can get to the corner under the desk to keep the booger gone.

And since all the furniture was pulled out in the middle of the room anyway, why not paint?

This process included moving and cleaning everything, applying primer (because paint simply will NOT stick to these walls. The wallpaper-covered wall-boards the factory put in are just too slippery.) , and then 1-2 coats of paint (some spots needed more than others.) and putting everything back where it belonged.

Should I be concerned that there were cords left over after my boys reassembled the electronics?


  1. The new paint looks *great*! It also looks like you've changed the wall art, but now we're getting into "Highlights Magazine" territory -= "hey, kids, how many changes can YOU spot???" ;D

    -- David

    P.S. What are those figurines along the back wall? I see a definite /equine/ theme on the right end of the shelf, but I can't tell if they're horses or ponies. Or unicorns!

  2. LOL, I missed the art changes. I actually did that a couple of months ago, so forgot.

    I have collected Bryer Model horses (plastic- everything from drafters to ponies) since I was 9. Actually the company also makes a number of bovine breeds and wild animals, many of which I also have. I recently packed up a good part of them and a bunch are in a closet at Mom's waiting to be fixed (:-P), but all together I have close to 400 figurines.

    These have actually been a circle for me in decluttering; They take up a lot of room and need to be dusted often, but then they are unique and impressive, but then that wall would look so much nicer with Hubby's picture of a rose and a simple easy chair (more practical too), but then this has been part of my life for my whole life....etc.

    At the moment, I am leaving these (my favorites) up. Later, who knows? Not sure I could ever actually get rid of them anyway.

    1. For what it's worth, it's fine to have a collection! :) One of my coworkers has an entire /room/ -- we're talkin' ALL FOUR walls -- dedicated to her Star Wars stuff.

      But I do feel your pain re: going in circles on "should I have these or shouldn't I?" Many a time have I gone, "On the one hand, yessss. On the other hand, noooo. On the THIRD hand, which I guess apparently I have now and I just shouldn't question it (or SHOULD I?)..."

      If we let our brains run for even a few /seconds/, it's /amazing/ how many reasons we can find to justify /any/ choice, ain't it?

  3. By the way that big train picture in the second photo is a picture Hubby took on vacation one year and had blown up :-) That's his form of art work.


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