Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

 We began this weekend by planning a trip to a local swim center (not enough water in the river to swim anymore:-(

Hubby took off alone in his sedan to do some chores, and the kids an I left in our 12 passenger to do some other chores ($5 a basket day at the local thrift store! for one:-)

We got about 1 1/2 miles from our house when it felt like the entire back end fell off. I man-handled the van to the side of the highway, turned the engine off, and chuckled a bit. You see, we have known for a while our tranny was going out. So I assumed that is what happened...

...In the best place short of our or my Dad's driveway (close enough the kids could walk home, big shoulder to pull off on)

And it couldn't have been a better day:
  • mid 70's
  • no rain
  • light breeze
It just couldn't have been more beautiful!

So I sent the kids walking home, texted Hubby, and called AAA. Have talked about AAA? We've been their customer for more than 2 decades and couldn't be happier. They always do their best to take care of us.

Had the van towed to Dad's house and borrowed his Mini van. He was out of town at a conference, but called me after I texted him.

He and my boys will be working on fixing the thing soon.

And what was wrong? Well, I'm pretty sure the back end of the drive-line isn't supposed to be laying on the ground. This means the U pin broke. Unfortunately, what broke it was probably the Tranny freezing up. So new tranny it is.

This, of course, limited our activities for the weekend. The biggest fun of going anywhere together is the drive...TOGETHER. Mini only holds 8 people. There are 11 of us. Sigh. So it takes two vehicles now to go anywhere, spoiling a lot of the fun.

I don't supposed I mentioned that this is the second vehical in a week to break. Hubby's commuter has had a bad radiator for some time. Teh day he had to stop 3 times to put a gallon of water in it he decided to take it to the mechanic. Thankfully that is now taken care of and working fine.

And with all this breaking down, there is a good thing. After some research I have begun to take Magnesium supplements. I have been sleeping in every morning since! I am feeling more rested, so Maybe that is what I have been looking for:-)

Oh, and I'm typing this while on hold due to my daughter receiving the Blue Screen of Death on her 6 month old computer last week :-(

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