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All the pro-life facts about hormonal contraception (that you probably don’t want to hear) - Part I | Blogs | LifeSite

All the pro-life facts about hormonal contraception (that you probably don’t want to hear) - Part I | Blogs | LifeSite:

"I’m just going to go ahead and let you know that this article is going to probably anger a lot of people. But I am a truth teller, and sometimes truth hurts. And as pro-lifers, this is information that we simply can’t ignore…no matter how much it affects our current lifestyle...


Well, then here’s the kicker. If you believe that life begins at
conception, then you MUST unequivocally oppose hormonal contraception.
Here’s why. Hormonal contraception does not always prevent ovulation. In
fact, many studies done by the birth control manufacturers themselves
state that only about half of women using their methods actually cease

Hmm. So how do these methods work if you are still ovulating at least
half the time? Simple. These methods have a backup plan. Hormonal
methods also work to thin the lining of the endometrium (uterine wall)
so that a newly conceived human being (life begins at conception,
right?) cannot implant on the uterine wall. Because the baby has nowhere
to implant, they are spontaneously aborted."

I was not told this in my high school health class, nor the "life skills" class I took. I was not told this by any of the doctors that prescribed birth control to me 30 years ago. Nor was I told by ANY of these sources the true numbers of side affects (i.e. cancer risk increases by 30%)

This is the REAL war against all things "woman."

(part 2) Ladies: we deserve better than hormonal birth control

"This is what women have done to our bodies. By “fixing” something that
isn’t broken, we have created even more problems for ourselves. We take
birth control to “fix” our fully functioning fertility, and by doing
that have seen a dramatic increase in breast and reproductive cancers.
That doesn’t even make sense when you think about it...

...She also talks about the well-known fact that the World Health
Organization classified hormonal birth control as a Class One
. What else is a Class One Carcinogen? Here are a few:
arsenic, asbestos, ionizing radiation, formaldehyde, and tobacco. So,
all of these things are admittedly as dangerous as hormonal birth
control, yet birth control is widely accepted. Look at all of the “quit
smoking” campaigns that are out there. Yet, birth control is just
as dangerous as tobacco and the only thing you see about birth control
on television are the ads encouraging women to take it. Why the

(part 3) How my life changed forever after I got the Depo Provera birth control injection 

And a different article:

"But according to RPHR, none of these catastrophic risk factors has
deterred groups like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United
States Agency for International Development (USAID), Columbia
University and others from aggressively pushing this horrific jab on
unsuspecting women both domestically and abroad. The group's report
draws attention to the fact that these organizations have committed
medical violence against women, particularly in third-world countries,
by administering the shot time and time again without informed consent."

This stinks to high Heaven of racism! "Women in third world countries (all 3rd world countries have dark skin) do not deserve full information, can't understand it, can't make the best decisions for themselves, ...." What excuse could their be for not giving full information other than that you think you know better than they do. How condescending! How hypocritical! 

"The story of Rebecca Project for Human Right's struggle to unmask Depo
Provera as a deadly contraceptive for women is important, because it
demonstrates the deeply rooted cultural hegemony of population control
and corporate profits put before humanity at any cost," explains the
report, entitled Depo-Provera: Deadly Reproductive Violence Against Women.
It goes on to highlight numerous Depo-Provera experiments that have
taken place against women in the U.S., Ghana and elsewhere.

"Dr. Short said further: 
In the USA, 84% of the Depo Provera is used by Black women. Wherever
there are high rates of HIV/AIDS in Africa, the use of Depo Provera is
universal. As recently as 2010, human experimentation on African women
was done illegally with Depo Provera in Ghana. The USAID sends more Depo
Provera to Africa than any other drug, and the Bill and Melinda Gates
foundation recently raised $2.6 billion dollars to buy Depo Provera to
be able to "give" it to 100 million African women. "

 Oh, I know! When "The War on Poverty" was introduced, we all thought they meant "bring everyone up to a descent standard of living" when what they really meant was "Kill all the poor."

Do you know what women in third world countries really want (according to midwives from the US that go there to work as well as native midwives)?

  • Clean water
  • Reliable, nutritious food
  • Antibiotics
  • Flush toilets
They DON'T want, for the most part, birth control. They certainly DON'T want cancer and the other health problems associated with all hormonal methods of "birth control."

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