Thursday, September 10, 2015

To Laugh or To Cry

I will pick laughing, of course.

As I posted last time, we have had two cars break down in the last week-ish. One is fixed, the other waiting until the guys have the time to go over to work on it.

Hubby had sceduled his big annual vacation for next week.

Guess what.

We are supposed to meet my dad for lunch today, but I'm not sure how we'll work that out since his mini van we are borrowing only holds 8 and there are 10 of us (since Hubby's at work). Dad really needs this and I really enjoy it, so we'll do something. Just not sure yet what.

Anyway, this morning when I went to get supper out of the freezer I heard a loud hissing noise, and the floor in the storeroom (which we call "the well house" since our water tanks- one to store water from our well, the other a hot water heater- are in there) is covered in water. I checked the freezer and it is functioning fine. The water is nowhere near the hot water heater. No one has been using water on the outside wall (which has never leaked to the inside anyway).

So by process of elimination, our water tank is bad and needs replacing. That's the only other place the water could be coming from. I will look into it after breakfast.

So, I either sit down and cry out of frustration...

or I laugh at Satan's attempt to get us down.

Well, I choose to be amused.

Not quite sure how we are going to pay for the new tank, nor how we will deal with the water until we can replace it (the sinks all seem to still have normal water pressure. That's good. But all that water on that plywood floor isn't good.)

But God always supplies. He will work something out.

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