Monday, September 07, 2015

A Step Back. - The Elliott Homestead

This family just lost a dear member" their milk cow.

A Step Back. - The Elliott Homestead

First of all, this farm is beautiful. The kind of thing I dream of. 

Unfortunately, at this point in our lives we only own 1 1/3 acres of rocks, clay and sagebrush. We simply can't afford to buy 100% of our animals feed and our land simply won't produce enough to make even a tiny dint in the feed bill. So at the moment we only have rabbits (and a dog, cat, gecko, finches, beta fish).

Honestly, I love the rabbits, but we don't really like the meat all that well and they are a lot of work for what they produce, especially since we don't do our own butchering (too many coyotes. I send them away from the property to keep the smell of blood away), so we only get half of it.  They just aren't financially productive and aren't worth the work:enjoyment. (of course, I'm not the one taking care of them. My adult daughter might disagree with me:-)

If given a choice, I would have bovines and chickens again. Haven't tried sheep since the FFA in high school, so don't know about them, but the cows and chickens "speak" to me, as she worded it.

I'm a bit of a collector and would take some of each species, including goats, but when push comes to shove, the cow would be first priority.That is the lifestyle I have always dreamed of. Hubby, however, not so much. He enjoys the uniqueness and the fresh food, but he isn't so sure they are worth all the extra work, especially since he doesn't like animals that much.

And they do make vacation and holidays problematic. These are more Hubby's priority.

We will get chickens again in the spring. We really miss them, though being without has reduced the attention of the coyotes to our property and made me aware of just how many leftovers I was feeding them instead of people. People food is expensive chicken feed! We are making adujestments accordingly.

I think it is helping the mouse problem too. Chickens=mice. Just a fact of life. Removing the chickens has, I think, slowed the migration of the mice into the house. We'll have to address that before getting chicks.

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