Monday, September 14, 2015

Smoking is bad for your Health.

You know, I'm tired of being California's smoking section.

All those fires you all have, the wind from the ocean blows that smoke here. So every year our valley turns into Southern California Air Quality. Goodness, we left there for a reason! At the moment, we can't even see across our valley and it's a small one.

I also have an e-friend who has friends who have had to evacuate because of this fire. They are staying with the e-friend, but weren't able to get all their animals out. Please keep them in your prayers.

So, plans for this first official day of vacation, the day we were going to leave for our annual week long camping trip: Hubby and the older boys (20, 17, 16 and all 5'10" or taller) are going over to my dad's to work on Brownie (our brown, 12 passenger that broke down a couple of weeks ago.) The girls (and 3yo boy) and I will stay home and try not to breath in too much smoke. We can't go with the guys and work on Dad's house because his 8 passenger mini van we were borrowing broke down on the way to church yesterday. It won't go faster than 40 mph. This is a problem since we have to go on a highway where the speed limit is 60 in order to just get out of our neighborhood.


  • 2 years ago the tranny blew in Whitey, our 15 passenger, and we simply haven't had the money to fix it since. 
  • 2 weeks ago the tranny blew in Brownie, our 12 passenger, and the guys will work on it today.
  • Yesterday the tranny blew in Mini, Dad's 8 passenger. Don't have a clue what will happen to it. 
  • The tranny in Bluey, our old 12 passenger we parked when we were given Whitey, was beginning to show signs of problems.

What is it with us and trannies?!

Oh, and Hubby's radiator went out last week and had to be replaced.

And our water storage tank in the house began to leak in three places and had to be replaced (Yeah Hubby! He did the whole thing himself:-)

Been a long couple of weeks and we won't be going anywhere for vacation, but maybe we'll get our Brownie back. I do feel sorry for the guys. This isn't how they wanted to spend their time off.

But, to get all religious on you all now, God does have a plan. He knows what we need. I see some things going on....

Maybe the biggest need right now is for my boys to have this time with the two men in their lives. Maybe that's more important than family time.

Maybe there are things going on I can't quite see.

God knows what we really need and I trust Him to provide.

Even to provide broken cars when we need them.

I'm not upset. A bit amused, maybe, even.

It's all good.

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